Fiducia Investors is the capital markets strategy, execution and investment arm of North Sixth Group, a family office operating company with wholly owned and minority interests across media, marketing, technology, business services and sports and entertainment.

Fiducia Investors is headed by George A. King, whose capital markets experience includes 325+ capital closings of $20+ billion; advisory closings of $8+ billion; and executing two highly successful IPO’s.

Mr. King was a founding board member and then co-founder of two publicly traded telecom companies in 1997 and 2002. Mr. King served in vice chair, president & chief financial officer roles from co-founder to IPO to successful exits after attaining $144M and $65M in annual recurring revenue.

Mr. King’s corporate and university board positions include Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Member; as well as Audit Committee Chair and member in four countries in North America and Europe.

Mr. King is a graduate of Colgate University (cum laude) and Fordham University School of Law. He is an internationally experienced lawyer and executive, as well as author of two books and a law journal article on securities law, Federal tax law in United States capital markets and healthcare funding and tax analysis.